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Fee agreements

Our Law Office offers the following types of fee agreements:

Hourly Rate
The remuneration depends on the amount of time that our lawyers work on your problem. The exact timesheet will be presented together with the invoice.

Flat Fees
The remuneration amounts to a specific, total fee that is payable for the fulfilment of a particular assignment, whereas it is independent of the actual amount of time that our lawyers spend on the assignment. So the remuneration for our assistance is predictable in advance.

Flat Fees with time limit
For our regular Clients we offer a fee agreement with a particular amount of hours pro month that our lawyers are at the Client's disposal. In such a case the hourly rate is more advantageous.

Remuneration for the representation before courts
The remuneration in this section depends on the novelty and difficulty of the case and is to be negotiated individually. However in typical cases we charge statutory fees according to the Regulation of the Minister of Justice.
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